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Like, hey guys! My name's, like, Trisha, and this is like, my journal. I'm one of those totally cool girls who's, like, into all the latest trends and stuff - y'know, like all the most popular shows and characters and pairings, not to mention makeup and boys as you'd, like, expect from a teenage girl.

People who get into obscure stuff instead of, y'know, following the trends are like, such dweebs! I mean, how can they hope to like, get any friends and be popular if they, like, don't like what everyone else does? Like, hello! Get with the program!

[Not a real journal! Sockpuppet for the War Comms!]

Interests (77):

anime, anti-crack, anti-emo, bashing aerith, bashing anew, bashing louise, bashing maria, bashing marina, bashing nena, bashing relena, bashing seiryuu seishi, bashing yui, being a bitch, being a moron, being an attention whore, being annoying, being arrogant, being popular, being preppy, being shallow, being stuck up, being the queen bee, being trendy, bishounen, bleached hair, boys, bullying heather, bullying molly, cassie's a bitch, cheerleading, drabbles are lame, excuse me princess!, fancying ralph, fashion, fighting with maxie, fighting with missy, flashing my panties, get with the program, het, high school drama, hunks, jewellery, joe is an ass, karaoke, like hello, makeup, manga, mary-sues, maxie's a total ho, miniskirts, missy's a bitch, my sister's a dweeb, not alexa, not obscure stuff, not retro games, not villains, not weird pairings, painting my nails, parties, perfume, picking on syrius, piercings, platform boots, pop music, popular characters, popular pairings, popular series, showing my midriff, striking poses, talking like a prep, the latest trends, totally straight, valley girl, video games, yaoi, you're all such dweebs, yuri
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